This is why I raise these little dogs.



image of yorkie puppy


     We just wanted to send you an update on Bruiser!  He is doing great!  He is so adorable and has brought so much joy into our lives.  He is very outgoing and loves to play!  We can't imagine our lives without him!  Thanks for everything. Attached are some pictures.
Kalyn and Brandon





We just wanted to let you know that Roxie Hart is doing wonderfully.
She is completely spoiled in every way possible, and we just can't get
enough or her. She is a very playful and a tough little girl. She had
learned to play fetch and walk on a leash and we will soon be working on
other tricks. She loves to play fetch and sometime will do it for hours
with her favorite ball. Roxie also love riding in the car, on the
motorcycle in her special harness (very safe and we don't travel more
than a few blocks) and going to friend and relatives houses that have
other dog she can play with. Roxie has a few different bags and carriers
for when she travels, and a big collection of clothing and bows that she
loves to wear. This month Roxie is 10 months old and currently weighs 5
pounds, she is in perfect health and she has also has been spayed. She
will be traveling with us in a few days to Colorado, soon she will be
exploring everything out there; we expect that everything will go
smoothly and she has had a through check up with the vet. We are both so
in love with Ms. Roxie Hart, and look forward to every new day with her.
Both Chad and I want to thank you for caring for such a wonderful pup,
and bring her into our lives! We are also sending a photograph of her
taken a few months ago and we will send you a more recent one as soon as
we can. Thank you again for this beautiful little girl.
Thank You

Chad, Cherish, and Roxie image of yorkie puppy


Hi Sheila,
I haven't written in a while and I just wanted to let you know that things are going very well. Our beautiful little Chewy is beautiful and very healthy. She is a joy to have around and everywhere we take her she is adored by all. She is 5 months old now and her coat is beginning to change slightly (we are hoping she will keep a bit of the darker colors). She was 3 pounds 4 ounces 2 weeks ago at her vet check. She loves her little outfits, being brushed, and getting her hair done. She is fully housebroken and so intelligent. We couldn't be happier with her and we thank you again for all of your help in getting her to us in our time frame and finding just the right puppy for our home.
I am sending a picture of Chewy taken about a week ago.
Thank you so much!
Misti Schubel


Sorry we haven't Emailed you about Otto but things have been busy lately.
Our family is so thrilled with Otto and we love him so much, we can't thank
you enough for our addition to our family.  He is doing very well and he now
weighs 3.2 lbs.  He is very active and loves to play.  I have taken him to
Puppy Training and he graduated last Saturday.  He will sit, lay, drop it,
and a few other things on command.
He loves to play with a little squeaky toy and he mastered our stairs in the
house very quickly.  He is very friendly with other people and mild
mannered.  He decided he liked to play with the toilet paper rolls in the
bathroom and decided it would be fun to unroll it and string it down the
stairs as far as he could.  He is almost over that.  We are having so much
fun with him and he brings us so much joy.  Mike took him in the pet store
the other day and walked him around to get him a better leash and a new toy.
  He had a lot of fun showing him off and he said he was very well behaved.
We will send some more pictures soon, but this one is of his graduation from
Puppy Training.  Again, thank you so much for our Otto, it was because of
you he had the great start and we really appreciate it.
Talk to you later,

Diana & Mike Butler

Otto meeting his brother, Rudy for the first time.




He is a little angel…..all potty trained in-house, will sit upon request and chase a ball and bring it back.  He loves the pet park and has taken up with another Maltese, Cody, his same age, but Cody’s 3 x his size.  They have a great time running and chasing.  He tends to want to go with the big dogs…go figure.

He goes to meet the new vet and get on heartguard on Thursday and next Monday for a full groom.  He is such a good boy although he really hates me to go anywhere without him. Some places he just can’t go, like to a board meeting.  I feel awful leaving him but it’s just something he’ll need to learn like everything else.  Not everything is fun.  He is never left for long, but he catches on so quickly, I hope he learns I will be right back, but he’s still not liking that at all.  He knows bye-bye and treat real well.  He sees me put on shoes and he goes crazy until I put his carrier on the floor and he jumps in.  He is such a smart little guy.   Upon return from the pet park, he is totally exhausted, even if he doesn’t play much, he’s outside and he snoozes all the way home. 

I have given your website to many people that have asked about the breed.

Hope all is well at Kingdompups.




Hi Sheila,

Just wanted to drop a note and give you an update on Tinkerbell. We have taken to calling her Tinkers so that the kids have an easier time and it is not such a mouthfull! We absolutely LOVE her. My mom takes her everywhere and regularly brings her over for visits. Tinkers picked up on potty training in about a week and is a VERY good little girl. She loves to cuddle and play. I am not sure what my mom did before Tinkers. She is SPOILED rotten. She has several new dresses and sweaters and now my mom has patterns so that she can make outfits for Tinkers in just the right size. She is wonderful with the kids and loves to be chased and then turns around and gives chase right back. She naps with the little ones and is always happy to clean off some sticky fingers! Thanks so much for this little package of joy, it was VERY much worth the drive. Pictures attached are of My mom with her beloved Tinkers and My daughter Abi (who had to put on her polka dot nightgown to match the puppy) with her little pal Tinkers!

(Phyllis's daughter & Tinkers' "aunt")