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Potty Training

Potty training is patience and repetition. Your lifestyle will determine which method you will use.  But confinement is what has to happen until you can trust the puppy.  The point is if you can't watch the puppy then he needs to be in a safe place that he is accustom too that has his pad or papers.  You don't want them to get into bad habits which then you will have to break and start over.  You can not give them the run of the house until they are trained.  Most times this will not happen overnight.  Just remember how it was with your children. If you are going with puppy pads or papers a lady found this system and worked great for her. http://www.ugodog.net/ The puppies can't get to the pad to tear it up.  hers trained in two weeks. There is also the potty park. Search the web.




Your puppy will need to be groomed and brushed regularly.


 Keep the hair trimmed around their eyes to allow good vision and comfort. Hair sticking in their eyes is obviously painful and can cause damage as it scratches the eye plus a lot of tearing. For cleanliness, trim hair around buttocks and genital areas. This is necessary because it can get caught and your yorkie will not be able to eliminate and thus get real sick. Bathe your puppy as needed or every couple of weeks. Bathing too often can cause dry skin and hair. You will know when they need a bath.


 If you are good with hair no problem. but you can learn to do a lot yourself. Start handling the puppy and playing with his feet from the start so they become accustom to being groomed and you don't have a fight each time.  I like the pliers type clippers for clipping the nails.  They do have a quick like you so don't clip to far.  The picture of this brush has pin on one side and regular brushes on the other.  The pin brush is to help remove mats and separate the hair.  If you make a mistake with the clipping don't worry the hair grows back.  There are so many ways to style the hair so experiment and find the one you like.

If you want to use bows.  The puppy will have to get use to them. Just keep putting them back until he leaves them in. Use two bands so that you do not pull hair out when you change them.  Clip the first one and save the one with the bow.



Feeding and Puppy Food


  I will have the puppy on an excellent chicken and rice based dog food.  Please feed a quality food that has digestible protein not just any protein. The puppy will eat less because the food is meeting his needs and you will be picking up less poop.  Eukanuba or Iams are dog foods that I recommend. Yorkies are nibblers. Make food and water available to him/her AT ALL TIMES. Yorkie puppies eat very small quantities at a time so you cannot put them on a once or twice daily feeding schedule like some dogs. Make sure you keep some canned food on hand for times that he's off his normal feed. You can purchase concentrated food such as NutriCal instead of canned if you like.  There are other brands also. YOUR PUPPY MUST EAT! Do what you have to do to entice him to eat if he turned his food down.  Just don't make it a habit to feed the moist as will cause tarter to build up faster on their teeth.

 Their mouths will get sore when they are cutting teeth, so good to have soft food at this time too.  Some people like to moisten the dry food a little. I don't like to see them stay on the moist food because it will cause the tarter to build up much faster on their teeth.   Experiment and find out what works best for your puppy. They will be teething so be sure and have a chew toy or they will find something to chew on and it may not be good for them and you won't want them chewing on what they find either.


 You will need a couple of bowls for food and water. Make they small and washable for the puppy.



The puppy will need a bed to sleep on.  You can purchase a doggie bed or use towels or pillows.  But I would purchase something I could wash or replace every once in a while.




I like harnesses over collars.  You will have to look for one tiny enough to fit your puppy.  They come just plain or you can get the fashion ones.  Some are even sewn into their clothes.