F. A. Q.



 How do I get a puppy?

 When you pick out a puppy there is a non-refundable deposit of $100.  This will go against the final purchase price of the puppy.  Then puppy must be paid for in full before delivery. Since I had someone steal two of my puppies using a stolen credit card though pay pal. I will be more strict on how I accept payment with a credit card. Such as the name and address must be the same as you give me for delivery and sign and return a no chargeback form. If you want more details please email or call me.   I am willing to accept your personal checks only if there is enough time for it to clear bank.  I will not deliver or ship a puppy unless it is paid for in full. 




What is the price of a puppy?


  That will depend on sex, size and registration. Normally girls are more than boys. The smaller the puppy the bigger the price.  Also if the puppy has to be shipped.


What color will my puppy be?  

Well if it is a maltese the  puppy will be white with black points.  The black points refer to the color around the nose, lips and around the eyelids. 

If the puppy is a yorkie, that is a different story.  Yorkie puppies are born black.  As they mature their adult coloring will come in.  You will see the change gradually starting on their face first.  They may be over a year old before they finish coloring.  The head will be either tan or gold with the body black. This can range from dark to light with the light looking like silver.      Go to Puppy Growth Chart to see Patty Pat from birth to one year of age.


As for Grooming

 Yes, both the Maltese and Yorkie will need to be grooming periodically.  You can do a lot yourself if you are good with hair or just have the patience to practice. First off you will need to start when you first get your puppy.  Brush them everyday. This will not only get them use to grooming but will go a long way in the bonding process. Be sure and handle their feet also as this will help when you go to trim nails. If the puppy gets to wiggling to much  then simply say no in a firm tone of voice. Keep brushing until the puppy submits. You want to win this battle otherwise the puppy will put up a fuss each time and gets you to stop.  You did the first time. It will pay off in the long run as you won't be fighting to groom your puppy every time. A brush is good but a comb will get down to the surface of the skin and that is usually where mats start if you are letting the hair grow longer. Pin Brush works also. If the mats get too severe then the puppy will have to be shaved down close to remove them. Pay special attention to arm pits, behind the ears and lower hind legs. A pin brush is excellent in getting the mats out if they aren't too bad. Times between baths is up to you unless the puppy gets into something or starts to smell. The dogs will tear stain occasionally unless you have one prone to it.  The best thing I have found is "Angel Eyes. You simply put a tiny bit on their food. I have tried the ones that you use to clean around the eyes but with little results. Be sure and check that the puppy doesn't have a hair poking the eye or there is an ear infection.  As this will cause them to tear excessively. Also when they are cutting teeth they will tear more. Watch  the ears for infection especially yeast and ear mites. Try not to get water in their ears when you give them a bath.  You could put cotton in their ears to help.  Just be sure and remove it and dry the ear well. Remember if you make a boo boo when clipping the hair it will grow back.







 When can my puppy come home with me? 

  Most of the time that is around ten weeks of age.  Will depend on how well they take weaning from Mother and their size.  If they are real small I like to keep them until they are twelve weeks of age especially if they have to be shipped.  I usually do not attempt to wean until they are around 8 weeks old. Sometimes Mom will wean them around 7 to 7 1/2 weeks. But this is rare. Then I keep them two more weeks after weaning. If they have done well weaning then they can go to their new homes around 10 weeks of age.


Do I need to spay or neuter my puppy? 

 Males will come already neutered unless the puppy is too small or other arrangements have been made.  This is best for the puppy as it will stop a lot of male cancers. It  is so much easier on him when he is this size and will stop him getting into bad habits such as

  lifting the leg and marking  on everything when the hormones come in.  And most of all he will not be interested in chasing girls just YOU.

My guarantee does not cover your puppy against death of anesthesia when your vet does the surgery.

 As with the males. getting your girl spay will stop some of the female cancers and you will not have to deal with keeping her away from males when she does come into heat.  This could be up to twice a year and will last nearly a month. 


What is the cost of shipping and where can you ship?

 The cost is usually  $325. Airlines have raised their prices.  This includes the flight, shipping crate and a required health certificate.

   Email me and find out the airports that I can ship to. There are quite a few that I have open to me. If you are close to me I will meet you part way with your puppy and there will be no shipping charges.

I will make the arrangements for the flight. All  you just need to do is be there when your puppy comes in. It may take a few days from booking to confirmation of flight but once I get confirmation  I will contact you with all the information you will need.  Airline, time of arrive, airway bill number.

Be sure and take a towel or two with you to the airport. One should be damp.  Sometimes the puppies get dirty in the crate, air sickness, poop, etc.

During the times of extreme cold and heat it is difficult to ship.  There are rules and regulations that have to be followed when shipping a puppy.  So if you are interested in a puppy during these times bare with me.  I will get you your puppy as soon as possible.

A lot of times I can ship two puppies together.  Will save you half on shipping if you have a friend or family member that wants one too.


What shots has my puppy had?

  The puppy is vaccinated at 6 and 8 weeks with Neopar .  Go to www.neotechvaccines.com to find out more information on vaccine. This will vaccinate for all known strains of parvo.  A NeoVac DA2 will be given at 7 and 9 weeks of age.  They are wormed with two different products over the course of their time with me. Different vets have different ideas on timing of vaccinations so don't be surprised if they want to give more.   

    A coccidia prevention is given also.  Please don't expose your puppy to other dogs or pets that are unvaccinated until they are finished with their  vaccinations.  Plus add a couple of weeks for the vaccine to work with the immune system.

  Please don't expose your puppy to other dogs that may not be vaccinated or sick.  Or places they congregate because they can easily pick up something.
Also be aware that you also can pick up a dog disease on your shoes or clothes and carry it home or everywhere you go for a time.  Sometime after ten days from their last puppy shot they should be protected but remember nothing is 100%. I will let you know exactly what the puppy has received in the way of worming and vaccinations. Also what is due next and the approximate time if they will need more.

Your puppy's tail and dewclaws are removed a day or two after its birth.

Tail because of being in the standard for the Yorkshire and dewclaws because of catching on everything when they grow out. I don't remove the tail of the morkie puppies.





What about a health guarantee ? 

 Puppies are checked by my veterinarian before they leave me.  The veterinarian checks over- all health.  When they leave, there is no infectious diseases or obvious genetic defect.  Then I have a one year guarantee against life-threatening  genetic defects such as a liver shunt. Call or email to find out detail


What is my puppy eating?

  I will have the puppy on an excellent chicken and rice based dog food.  Please feed a quality food that has digestible protein not just any protein. The puppy will eat less because the food is meeting his needs and you will be picking up less poop.  Eukanuba or Iams are dog foods that I recommend.

 Keep a can of Pedigree Puppy or the Moist and Meaty on hand in case your puppy decides to go off feed.  They will usually eat this unless there is a real problem. Their mouths will get sore when they are cutting teeth, so good to have soft food at this time too.  Some people like to moisten the dry food a little. I don't like to see them stay on the moist food because it will cause the tarter to build up much faster on their teeth.   Experiment and find out what works best for your puppy. They will be teething so be sure and have a chew toy or they will find something to chew on and it may not be good for them and you won't want them chewing on what they find either.








What about size of my puppy?

I do not guarantee size.  I can give you the weight of the puppies parents and weight of puppies out of that mating.  But there is always the if with genetics. I also can give you an educated guess as the puppy grows, especially when they get to be 7 and 8 weeks of age.

Bone structure plays a part in the equation also.  Although the puppy of medium bone structure may weight more they may not be that much bigger in size than a smaller boned dog. Go to my puppy growth page Puppy Growth Chart and you will be able to see an expected adult weight for their size.  Keep in mind that this is an educated guess and will not hold true to all puppies.


Boy or Girl Puppy

Most people think that they want a girl.  They may not know that females display alpha behaviors like 'marking' and/or 'humping'.  They think that they are more gentle and attentive and do not fight for dominance. Wrong!!

In the dog pack makeup, females usually rule.   As a result, the females are more independent, stubborn, and territorial than  males.  The females are much more intent upon exercising their dominance by 'humping' and being "in charge" of all other dogs around.  

 Males, on the other hand, are usually more affectionate and  demanding of your attention especially if they have been neutered when they are young.  They become very attached to their people. You are their world. 

"Neutered" males rarely exhibit secondary sexual behavior such as 'humping', or 'marking' or the lifting of their legs.    Boys should be neutered at an early age  before their  hormones start. My boys will come neutered unless you make other arrangements. Only time I have seen them display this behavior is when they are mimicking an intact dog that is in home.  Let them know it is unacceptable behavior as you would any other behavior that you don't want them displaying.

The females will come  'in heat' unless she is spayed.  Seasonal heats can be a month long nightmare for you  During this time she can leave a bloody discharge on carpets, couches, or anywhere else that she goes.  She can be "moody and emotional" during this time   Just a walk outside can be hazardous if male dogs are around.  She  leaves a scent for intact males to follow. And they will!! Staying around your house until she goes out.'  And, then she will came back "in heat" again. This depends on her cycle. Smaller breeds come in less often than the larger ones but you can count on her coming in at least once a year if not  twice.  You influence your puppy's behavior tremendously.  So if you want a dog that minds make sure that you teach them manners and they obey you.



 Identifying Your Puppy

The # 1 Benefit of the chip is Peace of Mind.

Microchip protection almost guarantees that the pet will not be euthanized
or put up for adoption if he is taken into a shelter.
What happens if I do not activate my pet's chip?
  Microchip numbers are used to reconnect a lost pet and a registered owner.  If you are not registered, the recovery network does not know about you. A calling shelter will therefore be told that the chip is not registered.  While 'backtracking' through the manufacturer is possible, it is a time-consuming process involving many phone calls and little success.  Due to the volume of pets entering shelters each week, a pet is at risk of being adopted or even being euthanzied if an owner cannot be found.
Please activate your puppy's micro-chip!!!!


Your puppy is micro-chipped with a Home Again micro-chip. A micro-chip is a tiny transponder about the size of a grain of rice.  The chip is implanted into the puppy using a simple procedure similar to a routine vaccination. The chips are made out of hypo-allergenic materials, adverse reactions to the micro-chip implantation are virtually zero.  The microchips are passive electronic devices.  This means that the chip itself does not give out any sort of electronic activity on its' own.  Once it is implanted, the microchip remains inactive until read with a scanner.  Scanners send a low frequency signal to the chip, providing the power needed by the microchip to send its code back to the scanner.  Each chip is individually inscribed with a unique ID number; no two microchips have the same code number.  The code cannot be altered or Lost. Registration is simple and cost effective for you. Go to www.microchipIDsystems.com/register 

 Only $19.75....a one-time charge for the life of your pet.  Based on an average pet lifetime, that is under $2.00 per year!

Price includes:
• Submittal of your registration to the national pet recovery network
• Activation of your pet's microchip
• 24 Hour access to your Recovery Call Center
• Registration into the National Microchip Lookup System used by shelters and veterinarians
• Contact information for you and an alternate
• Free Gift...our exclusive
Recovery Wallet Card!• 
 I  will give you the form needed to get the ID number transferred into your name. This chip identifies this puppy as yours in case of loss or theft.



Potty Training


Ideally, when the new puppy comes home, someone needs to be present as much as possible during the first few days. When you cannot be at home, or cannot pay full attention, confine the puppy to an area where elimination is appropriate.  This will depend on your lifestyle. You can  confine the puppy to a utility room or kitchen with baby gate or use a play pen. But it must be big enough to give the puppy a little room to play and have necessities. Use newspaper to cover the floor of the puppy’s confinement room and put down a puppy pad if that is what you are going to use. Newspaper  will catch  any mistakes that are made.  Once your  puppy finds his or her  preferred spot it will only be necessary to cover that part of the floor with papers or pad. You will then need to move the papered area a little at a time towards the outside door if you plan on taking him or her outside. You can hang a bell at door and ring it each time for the potty session.  As the puppy grows and gets more freedom, hand the bell where he can ring it. Eventually they will use it to let you know he needs to go outside.   Otherwise you can use puppy pad or they now have litter for dogs. In this way  the puppy will learn to go to the door when he needs to relieve himself. Never confine a puppy for long hours in a crate. It  will only force him to soil the crate and himself. In order to teach the puppy to do his business, you have to be there to give directions and support.  Never forget the praise, Good puppy or use the puppy's name with good. A tiny treat can be given at this time to help reinforce the good behavior. Cheerios work great. Always use the same words for instructions so he will associate the words with the acts that are expected of him. Always be on guard when he is out of confinement area for signs that he is looking for a place to go. Immediately pick him up and take to potty area..     Your puppy is very impressionable during his first few weeks at home. So try to get things started off on the right paw.


My Puppy's ears aren't up? Different Looks in Yorkies?


Not all Yorkie’s ears stand upright, and there is nothing harmful to the dog if this occurs. Show dogs are required to  have upright ears per the Yorkie Standard. Just like human appendages, the ears of a Yorkie have many variations in size and thickness, a result of which is the occasional puppy whose ears are best described as “floppy" or "down".  If your puppy's ears were up at one time and are down now. Most likely the puppy is heavy coated on his ears and the weight took them down. If the cartilage was broken then they won't come back up. So keep the hair off those ears. Also there some different looks for the yorkie.  There were several different breeds used to get the first yorkies. So the genetics are there to get some different looks.  Some like theirs to look one way some another. Just because yours doesn't look exactly like the Yorkie standard doesn't mean it isn't a purebred animal. The Yorkie Standard was set up by the Yorkshire Terrier Club to define what they felt was a Perfect Yorkie.  So far I haven't seen the perfect yorkie or any dog for that matter. They all have the strengths and weaknesses. 


Dog Killers in your Home

1. Antifreeze. it is sweet tasting to dogs  

2.Chocolate, onions, raisins, grapes, artificial sweeteners

Only 3 grams of Xylitol (found in sugar free chewing gum) is enough to kill A 65lb dog. And quickly !!!!! Please pass this warning on to everyone you
Know who has dogs. It may just save a life. 


4.Tylenol., Aleve, a lot of other medications

5.Batteries especially ones they can swallow


7.Fabric Softener, Detergents & most cleaners


9.Peach Pits & other fruit pits

10.Household Plants, plant foods and fertilizer

Here is a link to see the plants that are dangerous.


11. Some mulches especially cocoa bean

12. Asian Ladybugs, It was brought to my attention this fall. When the ladybugs seek shelter before winter, you will find them coming into your home in numbers.  A puppy started eating them and made her really sick. So beware.

I want to add heat stroke to the list in the summertime.

Please doggie proof your home before it is too LATE!!